Take the #trashtag challenge

17 April 2019

It’s an eco-challenge that’s gone viral globally. What’s it about? Simple as can be – just go out, find a place such as a littered beach or an illegal garbage dump in the forest, and clean it up. What else? Be sure to take BEFORE and AFTER pictures, add #trashtag and upload them to your social media profiles.


That’s the whole idea behind the new challenge taking the internet by storm. And there really is something to brag about. Over the past few days, 25,000 posts with this hashtag have appeared on Instagram; on Twitter, the campaign has reached over 600,000 people. Mass clean-ups are becoming a fact and it looks like they will continue to gain popularity rapidly. The power of social media and celebrities’ growing support for campaigns to reduce plastic consumption, including avoidance of plastic straws, have enhanced the positive effects of #trashtag.


The prototype of this noble challenge was the Australian “Clean up the World” initiative – in 1989, 40,000 Sydney residents went out with garbage bags to clean the port area. Today, exactly 30 years later, each of us can do something good for our planet.

We have joined this campaign and we support it. And although showing off good deeds may seem a bit vain, in this case posting photos leads to more people learning about the movement and being encouraged to act. The summer is approaching, and many of you will be going camping, hiking, cycling. It’s the perfect opportunity to do something good for the environment.

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