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13 May 2019

The summer is about to begin, so it’s worth going over some basic rules if you plan to spend time in the great outdoors. These camping rules are important to ensure comfort and safety for yourself and those around you.

So where do we begin? First of all, be sure to read the rules of the campsite. Usually, each campsite has its own rules, so they may differ from each other. It’s worth taking a moment to familiarise yourself with them and pass on the information to the rest of your group.

Don’t disturb others

Personal space does not only refer to everyday interaction with people, but also to camping. Nobody likes it when someone pitches a tent or parks a caravan almost on top of them. When staking out your space on a campground or in caravan park, try to preserve enough distance so that you won’t be looking through your neighbours’ windows or bumping into their breakfast table.

No shortcuts

This is an unspoken rule that must be followed. Everyone in a camper treats the area around it like a garden in front of their house. There are always designated footpaths on campsites. The fact that you can get to the bathroom or restaurant faster by walking across someone’s plot doesn’t mean that you should do so. It’s not worth annoying your neighbours to shorten your path a few meters. It really doesn’t take much effort to stick to the path, and by doing so you’ll maintain good relations with everyone.

Silence on the set

A very important and sensitive topic. Most campsites have a curfew, and cars with trailers are prohibited from moving during certain times. Children running around and screaming, teenagers partying with loud music until late at night, or adults slamming doors at 5:00 am can really spoil other people’s rest. Everyone has different habits, but we all deserve peace and quiet at night. These rules should be strictly observed.

Who likes starting their holiday by cleaning up? No one? Exactly! Therefore, always clean up after yourself so that others do not have to do it for you. This applies not only to the area where you’re camping, but also to all common facilities, such as restrooms and kitchens. Remember to recycle your rubbish and, if you’ve brought any pets, be sure to clean up after them. Don’t be surprised to find out that many places ban animals due to bad experiences with them in the past.

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