Sentimental culinary journeys

18 April 2019

Start typing “quick and easy …” into a search engine and you’ll find that clever recipes remain a popular search topic. It’s no different when it comes to cooking on camping trips – lunches, desserts, dishes, recipes must be fast, simple and of course tasty. There are a few simple reasons for this. You’re usually tired after hiking, sightseeing, cycling, and you don’t have your kitchen at your disposal.


We’ve looked for inspirations and ideas on various websites and forums, and we can confidently say that three dishes reign supreme: stew, risotto and … pasta dishes. The latter are especially popular right now. What can you make pasta with? Well, anything really, and that’s the beauty of this dish. You can add some Bolognese sauce, vegetables, perhaps some meat in the form of sausage or luncheon meat, fry it with eggs and bacon etc. A brilliant solution for those who are impatient or very hungry is couscous – just drop it in some boiling water. It’s a dish you can make very quickly.

For those who are patient

Camping and trips to the lake are usually associated with barbeques. There’s a real palette of flavours and a virtually infinite range of possibilities here. You’re limited only by your imagination, time, and sometimes conditions. In addition to the classics like sausages, black pudding, pork neck and bread, you can try fish, asparagus, eggplant and fruit. You’ll find the latter make for a really delicious change. But you should have a bit more time to prepare such dishes thoroughly.

Long evenings

We recommend a hunting cauldron and the dishes you can make with it. If you have the time and the opportunity, the whole ritual of preparing dishes this way is really worth the effort. These one-pot dishes are very nutritious and filling, have an extraordinary aroma, and are big enough for a larger group of people. In this category, stew and all types of bread reign supreme. An option for vegans and vegetarians, for example, is vegetable stew. We have heard many complaints about dishes burning on the bottom of the cauldron. But there are also many solutions. One of them is to line the bottom and sides of the cauldron with cabbage leaves. This will allow you to make dishes such as ribs without any worries.

Classic dishes

Our tastes often change over the years, and many of us are open to new trends and flavours. However, we like going back to the foods of our childhood. Thus, our list of ideas would not be complete without breaded luncheon meat or fried eggs on mortadella. It may not sound so good at first, but we guarantee that when the smell wafts around the campsite, everyone will want to try this good, old classic dish.

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